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"And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years"

Genesis 15:13



And ye shall know

the TRUTH, and


shall make you


John 8:32


Blacks & Jews Newspage

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume One

This reveals the Jewish role in the African slave trade. Drawing almost entirely from Jewish documents, it destroyed the myth that Jews were historical “friends” of the Black African. Jewish immigrants became slave traders, auctioneers, plantation owners, slave shippers, and financiers, greasing the wheels of the plantation economy, making slavery more profitable than ever.

334 pages • 1,275 footnotes • Quoted Jewish Sources include: Newspapers • Scholars & Rabbis • Court Records • Shipping Records – Wills – Runaway Slave & Slave Auction Ads • Synagogue Records & Sermons • Census Data • Slave Bills of Sale • Tax Records • Private Correspondence • Full Index • Bibliography _________________________________________ _________________________________________

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

The Truth is Unveiled and Now Must be Told

How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews | Volume Two

Jews were important members of Jim Crow society. Jewish politicians helped create and enforce the Jim Crow laws, and Jewish merchants targeted Black cotton sharecroppers, growing extremely wealthy in the process. Shockingly, Jews became Klan members, and some even supplied the Klan with guns, sheets, and hoods! Highly Informative!

456 pages • Thousands of Quotations & Footnotes • Jewish Scholars • Rabbis • Jewish Newspapers • Maps • Diagrams • Charts • Photos • Index • Bibliography


The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Volume 2 Book Review

_________________________________________ _________________________________________


Jews Selling Blacks

144 pages of Jewish slave sale ads reproduced from American newspapers. Jews bought and sold whole plantations—slaves and all—and they marketed slaves who ranged in age from infants to the elderly. Jewish merchants arranged bank financing for their marketing of the Black man and woman—Black slaves ON LAYAWAY! This book puts an end to the mythology that Jews had no role in the slave trade.


_________________________________________ _________________________________________


Russell Simmons on Minister Louis Farrakhan

By Russell Simmons -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Oct 2, 2009 - 3:34:40 PM

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Minister Louis Farrakhan: My Second Father

Russell Simmons
When we think of Minister Louis Farrakhan, we often think about the man who helped guide Muhammad Ali or the man who came up together in the Nation of Islam with Malcolm X. Do we ever think he's the man who helped hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of black people to love themselves? Well, we should.

When I grew up in Hollis, Queens there was a rehab, a mosque and a “Steak n' Take” on my corner, all of which where run by the Nation of Islam. There was also a heroin epidemic on that corner that was killing off our teenagers and young adults. Our parents would tell us that when we grow up we should make a choice to either join the army or “be a Muslim or something.” The Nation of Islam secured our housing projects, promoted dignity and transformed men with criminal pasts. Those men would then, in turn, raise refined, educated black children. Hard to dispute this. It took guys off the street and created a powerful, non-violent movement. The Nation of Islam has never been associated with any form of violence and always been about uplifting our communities and making a better future for black people. If you ask anyone from my generation, from any ghetto in this country, I promise you they have roughly the same experiences regarding the Nation's presence in their communities.

Certainly some of their preachers were fiery, especially in their pointing out the evils of white supremacy. They said some things in a way that was hard for most whites and some blacks to digest. For example, “THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL.” We have to remember the climate of the country during this time. It was an all out war and the Nation was not about to back-down. The Nation of Islam, which was started by Elijah Muhammad and a white man named, Master Fard Muhammad, always pointed out that one day we would all live in harmony. Although this still isn't quite true, their message under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan has evolved to fit the time.

It is true that some blacks are still not “free” and stuck in a slave mentality, due to the lingering affects of 400+ years of slavery. It is the recognition of this condition that the Nation continues its important work in ghettos across America, giving steady doses of spirituality or sense of higher self to many men and women who need it.

This past week, it was my honor to host the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at my apartment in NYC. He was joined by his sons Louis Jr., Mustapha and Joshua Farrakhan, along with their personal chef and at least 75 security personnel. It was quite a scene to see how they set up shop at my apartment. This was a week where I didn't miss my 6 am prayer because I could hear them already awake and ready to start the day off right. This was a week where the word “Allah” was on the tip of everyone's tongue. And was a very special time when I got to hang with my “second dad” and my other brothers. We reminisced about the three marches where more than three million people marched on Washington. We talked about how we brought Snoop, Ice Cube and other LA rappers together with members of the east coast rap community and how he helped mediate the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule and countless other instances where he was there to help hip hop. And of course we talked about his keynote address at the hip hop summit that created the Hip Hop Summit Action network. We even mentioned a subject that the Minister doesn't care to discuss, his legacy. He has talked about the oneness of god for years, about the sameness of all religion and all people. He has given his followers spiritual roadmaps to happiness on Earth his whole life. I want future generations to know him as I do, so I am working to have his thoughts on this subject made into a book. I believe that his memoirs are going to be one of the most interesting and inspiring autobiographies ever written.

So that is my goal.

If America can know his heart, it will inspire millions of Americans for generations to come. It will happen with or without me, but I just thought writing this would be a good karmic expression for me, and a chance to reflect on a very special few days in my life.

(This article is reprinted from GlobalGrind.com.)


"Our experts warned us about the possibility of this phenomenon occurring, for they say that the mind has a strong drive to correct and re-correct itself over a period of time IF IT CAN TOUCH SOME SUBSTANTIAL ORIGINAL


BASE, and they advised us that the best way to deal with the phenomenon is to SHAVE OFF THE BRUTE'S


Excerpt From The Making Of A Slave: By Willie Lynch

"We have as far as possible, CLOSED


Mr. Henry Berry addressing the Virginia House of Delegates in 1832



to reward your research"

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

"To think right, the mind must be fed

with TRUTH,

with FACTS,

with REALITY."

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan



" NA, WE HURL THE TRUTH AGAINST FALSEHOOD, SO IT KNOCKS OUT ITS BRAINS , and lo! IT VANISHES. And woe to you for what you describe"

Holy Qur'an, Surah 21, Verse 18

Farrakhan Exposes the 'Black Anti-Semite' Myth

Enough! Is EVERY Black Person AN 'Anti-Semite'?

By Tingba Muhammad

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Historic depiction of slave master whipping a slave. All illustrations courtesy of the Library of Congress
(FinalCall.com) - Over the years Blacks have been bludgeoned by Jews with the false and despicable charge of "anti-Semitism." The strongest advocates of Black freedom such as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have borne the brunt of this Jewish abuse, but lately ANY Black person who can complete a full sentence is vulnerable to the charge. U.S. President Barack Obama, possibly the most pro-Israel Black man in America—has been viciously attacked as an “Anti-Semitic Jew-hater.”

A Google search of “Obama and anti-Semitism” returns over five million hits; a search of “Farrakhan and anti-Semitism” returns a tiny fraction of that number—just under 65,000! This shows that it absolutely does not matter what a Black authority says or does—he or she is an anti-Semite.

Of course, neither of these extraordinary Black men is anything close to a Jew-hater, but now both have decided to respond to the charges. President Obama has finally stood up to Israeli oppression of the Palestinians; Minister Farrakhan, on March 14, revealed the EXTENSIVE history of Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust.

Jewish Slave-Dealing in the New World

Jews owned, insured, and financed slave ships and outfitted them with chains and shackles for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They were auctioneers, commission merchants, brokers, and wholesalers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money, markets, and supplies.

Christopher Columbus—whose Trans-Atlantic exploits initiated the brutal genocide of the Red man and forecasted the African Holocaust—was financed by wealthy Spanish Jews and is claimed by some scholars to be a Jew himself.

Nine out of ten captured Africans were shipped to Brazil. Jewish scholar Dr. Arnold Wiznitzer described the early Jewish presence: “[Jews] dominated the slave trade ... The buyers … at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices.”

According to Jewish scholar Dr. Harold Brackman, during the 1600s “slave trading in Brazil became a ‘Jewish' mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval Europe.” In fact, wrote Jewish scholar Jonathan Schorsch, “Jewish merchants routinely possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them off.” If a slave auction fell on a Jewish holiday it was postponed due to lack of buyers and sellers!

The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that “Jewish commercial activity” in this time included a “monopoly of the slave trade.” Jewish traders bought Africans in lots from the Trans-Atlantic shippers and retailed them to inland plantation owners.

The Jews of Surinam gave their slave plantations Hebrew names such as Machanayim, Nachamu, and Goshen. According to Dr. Marcus Arkin, they used “many thousands” of Black slaves. Rabbi Herbert I. Bloom added that the “slave trade was one of the most important Jewish activities ...” In 1694, Jews owned 9,000 Africans, and by 1791 there were 100 “Jewish mulattoes” in Surinam—the result of the rape of African women by their Jewish enslavers.

The prominent Jewish historian Dr. Cecil Roth wrote that the slave revolts in parts of South America “were largely directed against [Jews], as being the greatest slave-holders of the region.” Jews set up militias with the sole purpose of fighting the Black Maroons, the escaped Africans who were fighting to free their enslaved brethren.

The first Hebrew poem written in the New World was an attack on the Black Maroon leader. The Jewish militias murdered the Maroons and cut off their hands to award as trophies.

The Jews of Barbados, wrote one Jewish scholar, “made a good deal of their money by purchasing and hiring out negroes ...”

All Barbadian Jews—including the rabbi—owned Black slaves. Jews warehoused so many African slaves in Barbados that authorities moved to limit the number of captives they could possess. Jews became the major traders in “refuse slaves”—Africans who were weak and sick from the Middle Passage voyage. Jewish traders “fattened them up” and sold them at a profit.

A major Jewish shipper from France had a monopoly on trade to the notorious slave dungeon at Gorée Island—the Auschwitz of the Black Holocaust. Sugar fueled and expanded the slave trade, and according to Jewish scholars, Jews “acquired large sugarcane plantations and became the leading entrepreneurs in the sugar trade.”

Jewish scholars Isaac and Susan Emmanuel reported that in Curacao, which was a major slave-trading depot, “the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise.”

Jewish Slave-Dealing in the United States

Jews were twice as likely to be slave owners as the average Southerner. Rabbi and historian Bertram Korn, the acknowledged expert on 19th-century Jews, wrote: “It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so ... Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless Blacks.”

The very first Jewish communal settlement in the United States was a Florida sugar plantation supported entirely by the labor of dozens of enslaved Africans.

According to documents, when the earliest settlers in New York decided to enter the slave trade, they contacted “the jobbers and the Jews,” who were the recognized international dealers. The largest shipments of Africans arriving in New York in the first half of the 18th century were commissioned by Jewish merchants.

Jews owned slave pens where they warehoused Africans and sold them wholesale. They smuggled slaves to places where slavery was illegal, rented them when they did not want to buy, and bred African women for sexual purposes. Jews ran jails and imprisoned and punished Black slaves; they served as constables, sheriffs, detectives, and bounty hunters. Jewish peddlers traveling the countryside were known to search for and capture runaway slaves and bring them in for the bounty.

The founders of Richmond, Virginia's Jewish community were all slaveholders. When slavery was outlawed in Georgia, Jews left; they returned only when slavery was reinstated.

In Newport, Rhode Island—the center of the rum and slave trade—every Jewish family owned Black slaves. Their synagogue was built by Black slaves “of some skill.” Of the 22 Newport distilleries serving the triangular slave trade, all were owned by Jews. American rabbis owned and rented slaves. The leading abolitionist organization bitterly complained that Jews “have never taken any steps whatever” against slavery.

The nation's highest paid clergyman, Rabbi Morris Raphall of New York, defended slavery and claimed God Himself had sanctioned it. The one rabbi who forcefully attacked slavery, Baltimore's David Einhorn, was thrown out of his own Jewish congregation and forced to flee the city.

The Jewish writer Mordecai Manuel Noah was such a virulent racist that the very first Black newspaper, Freedom's Journal, was started in 1827 just to combat his racist attacks.

Jews helped to suppress slave uprisings and in 1831, Jews were involved in hunting down the great Nat Turner and his freedom fighters. More than 3,000 Jews fought for the slaveholders in the Civil War, and a Jewish owner of a 140-slave plantation, Judah P Benjamin, was secretary of state for the Confederacy..

His picture is engraved on Confederate currency. Jewish bankers like the Erlangers financed the Confederacy. Benjamin financed the Ku Klux Klan after the war.

Jews willed Black humans from one Jewish generation to another, and sold Black babies away from their parents. One Jew stipulated in his will that the sale of his slaves should be used for his son's Yale tuition. When their slaves grew elderly and infirm and were unable to work Jews “freed” them, forcing them to fend for themselves in their old age.

The first Jew elected to the U.S. Senate, Florida's David Yulee, was one of the most strident haters of Indians and defenders of slavery in American history. The distressing reality is that nearly all the Jewish slave dealers enjoyed prominent and honored places among their co-religionists. The profits from their slavery-based enterprises helped finance Jewish community development, built synagogues, homes, schools, businesses, and institutions, and in many untold ways enriched their lives and communities. Actually, one is hard-pressed to name a single prominent American Jew in the slavery era who did not own slaves or profit directly from Black African slavery.

ants played a major role in the slaveIn his 1983 book Jews and Judaism in the United States, Rabbi Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, the longtime editor of the most prestigious Jewish historical journal wrote in two paragraphs (p. 14) one of the more definitive statements on Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust: “… Jewish merch trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the “triangular trade” that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa …”

Given the extraordinary history of Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust, it is a wonder how any Jew could call any Black person “anti-Semitic.” But it gets worse—Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation didn't stop Jewish merchants and traders from their oppressive ways during the Jim Crow and sharecropping era and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.

For more information visit http://www.blacksandjews.com.

Reposted from THE FINAL CALL (finalcall.com)

Reposted from the Final Call

Who Are The Real Children Of Israel?

by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

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[Editor's note: The following contains excerpts from an historic message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to order this full message on CD or DVD.]

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

I asked the question: “Who Are The Real Children of Israel?” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that Almighty God Allah revealed to him that the Black people of America are The Real Children of Israel. And we are The Choice of God; and that unto us He will deliver His Promise.

This question says that somebody has usurped our position. This question says that somebody has taken The Promise of God to the Children of Israel, and claimed it for themselves. But those of you who are scholars of Christianity, Judaism and Islam: If you can disprove this, then I'll pay with my life for lying.

To all of those who feel that the Children of Israel are over in that place they call “Israel”: You are mistaken. To the Christian Right, who feel that if you bless that Israel you will be blessed: For over 60 years, that nation has not been blessed!

The Black man and woman of America: These are the people; that if you bless us, then God will take off of America some of the plagues that are now coming on America that will get worse after I have delivered this message.

My declaring this, I know will divide scholars, theologians, Jews, Christians and Muslims. But it is time, now, that a proper dialogue be set up to answer the question that I've raised, and answered. It is time for the scholars to sit down, and look at scripture and prophecy, to find out who is that Last One that would usher in The Kingdom, and bring about The End of this Present World.


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to a capacity crowd of over 5,000 at the Atlanta Civic Center and thousands more via webcast, June 26, 2010. Photos: Mikal Veale
Most of us talk about White Supremacy, but we have never understood The Architecture of White Supremacy; therefore, we continue to be victims of it, because the Light of Truth has not shown the root of White Supremacy.

Once the light of the Sun strikes the root of the tree, the tree dies. And what has happened to Black people, and White people, and Jews and Gentiles, is that a small group—10 percent—have deceived and misused 85 percent of the people; and sucked their blood to live in luxury at the expense of those who do not understand the Law of Cause and Effect; and believe in a Mystery God, and are Poison Animal Eaters.

But the wickedly wise have known The Truth; and because they know The Truth, and they know The Time, they are working night and day to trick you out of The Promise of God, and take you down to hell with them, because The Time of Their End has come!

The Architecture of White Supremacy has never been brought to the table to be discussed. The Architecture of White Supremacy will have to be exposed, so the Tree of White Supremacy can die, and the Tree of Humanity can live.

Who are The Draftsmen, and The Architects, of such an Idea that has dominated our Planet for the last 4,000 years? Our Historical Research Department has studied from the scholarship of Jewish historians, scholars and rabbis; and we have published Volume No. 2 of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.” And in it, you will discover The Architecture, and The Architect.

I sent this book, and another one that is printed called “Jews Selling Blacks,” to Mr. Abraham Foxman of B'nai B'rith, and to all the leaders of the major Jewish organizations. I sent it to President Obama, to Rahm Emanuel, to David Axelrod, to Timothy Geithner, to Larry Summers, to Ben Bernanke; to all the people that should know what was done to us, and can no longer hide. That is why Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

What truth shall you know? If you are not yet free—and you are not!—then you do not yet know the truth that Jesus was talking about, that would free you from your Open Enemy, awaken you, cleanse you, and reconnect you to The God Who has come for your and my salvation.


In this Book of Genesis, we get lots of pictures of God, and His Promise. In Chapter 15, God is talking to Abram: “Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them and shall afflict them 400 years. But after that time”—God is speaking—“I will come! And I will judge that nation which they shall serve. And afterwards, shall they come out with great substance. And go to their fathers in peace, and be buried in a good old age.”

The Jewish people claim that this is talking about them, but other than the Bible, there is no historical record of anybody named “Jews,” in bondage in Egypt for 400 years. There is no historical record of their suffering in bondage like that. Now, they were freed from a “bondage,” all right—but that was in the hills and cavesides of Europe!

These people have no legitimate connection to The Holy Land; they didn't come into existence in The Holy Land. They came into existence, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Allah taught him, on the Island of Pelan; or, as it is written in the Book of Revelation, “Patmos.” They came back to the Holy Land after 600 years of grafting them from Black into “White.”

So, how did they have any connection to The Holy Land? You see, after The Process of Grafting was completed, and they came back to Arabia, which is The Holy Land, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that within six months, they had turned The Holy Land upside down, because they were taught a System of Tricks and Lies that would divide The Family; and it caused us to fight and kill one another, because of the Falsehoods that have been put between us!

Moses had a hard job to civilize the Caucasian from the hills and cavesides of Europe. He did have another assignment after he got them up in Egypt—but not with them.

If they didn't do 400 years in Egypt, could it be that this was a prophetic, symbolic picture of a Future People who would be the Seed of Abraham? Jewish people claim Abraham, but, I'm sorry. I have to tell you: The Masquerade is over. This is not “Jew bashing.” I don't have anything in my heart against the Jewish people; I admire them. But, I have to tell the Truth.

If they didn't suffer this, who did? If God said to Abraham: “I'm going to bless you … look to the North, look to the South, look to the East, look to the West. I'm going to give it all to you, that you can hold it forever! If you can count the stars, so great will be the multiplication of the seed of Abraham. If you can count the dust, you'll be able to count the multiplication of your seed.”

Have we been here 400 years? Are we strangers in a land that is not ours? Have we been afflicted in this land, every day of our sojourn here?

Could it be that we are The People of The Promise? Could it be that we are The People that should be expecting The Visitation of God? Could it be, that after all our suffering, relief is in sight, now?

In the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 18, verse 18, God says: “I will raise them up a prophet from among their bretheren, like unto thee, Moses ...” Moses was a Civilizer: Moses took a man up out of the caves, and made him upright. Moses taught them how to cook food; how to bury their dead, as the Bible teaches: “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so shall the Son of Man be lifted up.” It's all about you.

“I'm going to put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him …” Now, you can't have a man like Moses unless you have a people enslaved in a terrible condition. You can't have a man like Moses without a Pharaoh. You can't have a man like Moses, except there is tyranny.

And you can't have a man like Moses who's preaching “integration.” Moses wasn't telling the Children of Israel: “I want to integrate you into Egypt, so you can marry the sons and daughters of the Egyptians.”

No! He was telling them: “You tell Pharaoh to let my people go!”


In Volume 1 of “The Secret Relationship [Between Blacks and Jews],” it goes into the horror of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and how the Jewish people were heavily involved in that.

At the close of Min. Farrakhan’s message, those in attendance swarmed the vending tables to purchase their copies of "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," Volumes 1 and 2 and "Jews Selling Blacks." Photo Courtesy, Courtney X Powell
The South became the leader in production of cotton; and The Delta in Mississippi area was the greatest cotton producing part of the Earth. Cotton was then what oil is now! The largest producer of oil in the world are the rich ones; and the strategic interests of America means in order for them to rule, they have to link with where the oil is coming from, and take it, or maneuver to get it. But they must have oil.

In the time of Slavery, it was cotton; and it's interesting that the cotton would come down The Mississippi River to New Orleans, to The Gulf; from Biloxi, Mississippi; and from Mobile, Alabama. The cotton would come down, and go up to New York, where the brethren of the Jewish people in the South, in the North, were the masters of the needle trades. And they had their brothers, also, in the South taking the lint from the cotton, and producing cloth through weaving.

But these were Jewish people owning the land: They were the majority; they were the merchants, they were the traders. They knew how to hook-up with their brethren in the North; and they would send raw cotton to the mills in England—in Manchester, Leeds, and Bristol; and the British would turn it into cloth, and then sell it all over the world!

So from cotton, the South became rich! From cotton, it fueled the Industrial Revolution in the North! From cotton, the Rothschilds became rich! From cotton, the Lehman Brothers became rich!

The Messenger of God said anything you want to find, it's written in a book. But if we don't read, how will we know? The Historical Research Department in the Nation of Islam researched it; and now we're going before the world with it.


Did you know that we're still sharecropping? See, today, the Jewish people have developed a new strategy.

All of our entertainers; see, we have the talent; and the Jews have the expertise. They attach themselves to our talent: They are the managers, the agents; and they are the accountants. That's why our Black artists loved fame, and got fame—but died poor, because somebody else got their money, while the Jews sent their children to the finest schools, and were able to continue to rule, while you pass on nothing to your children but the legacy of your fame, and nothing else.

Now they have decided, “You know. We have to change this. New strategy!” The old strategy was “let them die broke,” but today, they've developed a new strategy: “Let's make our Negroes rich.”

My brother, Russell Simmons, a multi-millionaire, wrote a beautiful piece on “Black-Jewish Relations.” And I'm here to tell you: No Black man, or woman, becomes a multi-millionaire without friendship in the Jewish Community.

Russell Simmons is a good brother; and he has great friendship with the Jewish people. Miss Oprah Winfrey: A beautiful woman, with a beautiful heart—a multi-billionaire! But there's a Jewish man that helped guide her career, and make her who she is.

P. Diddy; Jay-Z—Even in Hip Hop, Jews manage most of the Black Hip Hop artists. They come with the “bling bling,” and a nice car; and they show you that they're successful. But if you could see the breakdown of the record deals, they end up with nothing.

I have a list of all the Jewish NBA owners. See, it's like a Plantation; you're just a piece of meat, throwing balls in hoops. They've got dogs that can do that! But now, you're the “best” at doing it; so you're on a Plantation. You're a rich slave, and you're sharecropping again!

Look at you today: You can't see how torn up you are? You want a home, don't you? Everybody wants a home, so they made it possible for you to get one: “No Money Down!” All you do is pay interest. How in the hell could you accept a deal like that? And in three years, the interest goes up! You didn't see that in the fine print. Now, you're in “Foreclosure.” It's a trick! Who's behind it? Wall Street!

And they didn't just do it to you! They did it to America! In 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was made, America was $2 billion in debt. Less than 100 years later, she's $13 trillion in debt!

How did all that happen? Now the country is like the sharecroppers: working to pay off debt that America owes to China, Japan, and others who are just loaning America money.

And here comes Brother Obama.


Do you know that President Obama was nurtured for this position? Just as Jewish people wrote that Bill Clinton was the first “Black president,” Barack Obama would be the first “Jewish president.” Now that's a terrible thing to say, but they were telling you: “We own the brother.”

His early money came from Goldman Sachs. He was nurtured by Jews who saw in him his brilliance—he's a beautiful human being; and they knew that as brilliant as he was, they could use him to trick Black people away from The Promise of God.

He's not a willing participant in madness, but Satan understood The Time, and he knew that this was the right man for The Time. They selected him—and what could we do? We had to vote for our brother, because he was the best thing we ever saw.

He's president, now, and he's upsetting them, because all the Jewish presidents of major organizations met him in the Oval Office, and told him to “go easy on Israel, and settlements in the West Bank.” And because he was strong, out of Israel they started calling him what they've been calling me: an “Anti-Semite.”

President Obama can't talk about “Reparations.” He's not going to be bringing that up! But let me ask you a question: Do you think, after making America rich, and strong, and fighting in all her wars; making Europe strong, do you think that we are owed Reparations for what we have done to make America what America is?

There are Black people, right now, in Mississippi in slavery, in Alabama, in slavery; and, a Black man (Rep. John Conyers) is appealing to Congress to right this wrong, but he can't get a hearing! We have over 400,000 Black men and women in the United States armed forces! What are they doing in Iraq? What are they doing in Afghanistan, when our fight is here?!

The Time has come when we have to present a solid case to America! They have no jobs for us! They don't intend to look after us! God raised the question in Isaiah: “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, and the lawful captive be delivered?” You are a lawful captive being used as a hostage!

But as you see the plagues, now, striking America: One town was overrun with flies; another was overrun with frogs. Rain, hail, snow, earthquakes! God is going to put an exclamation point behind this lecture, and a calamity of great magnitude is going to strike America!

I am my father's helper! You don't need to look for no “Moses”! Elijah Muhammad is that Moses! And I am his Aaron, and his Joshua! You don't need to look for your “Jesus”; he is the first begotten of the dead! You are on a dead level; Elijah was raised from you! And I am to him what Paul was to Jesus!

The Jews may not like me, because the Jews didn't like Jesus; and they began to argue with Jesus, as they're going to soon argue with me! Over what? We, The Children of Abraham. But Jesus said, to the Jews: “If you were the Children of Abraham, you would be found doing the works of Abraham!” They said, “We are from God! God is our Father!” but Jesus said, “If God were your father, you would love me, for I proceeded forth and came from God!”

I say to the Jews: If You Are The Seed Of Abraham, You Would Do The Works Of Abraham! He was a just man! He was a righteous man! He was an upright man! He was neither a “Christian,” nor a “Jew,” for he predated the Torah and The Gospel!

We are the Seed of Abraham! We are The Children of Divine Promise! We are The People that God Has Visited! And we are The People that God Has Promised Land! And He will fight this Enemy for your freedom!

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secret_vols.jpg The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 1 The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 2 Jews Selling Blacks REPOSTED FROM THE FINAL CALL

An Open Letter To Black Leadership by Minister Louis Farrakhan

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Jul 20, 2010 - 11:18:59 AM

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July 19, 2010

To the Spiritual, Political, Educational, and Economic Leaders and to our Sports and Entertainment Giants:

May this open letter find you well and in good spirit as we search for a solution to the many problems that we face as a people.

Most of you have benefited in some way from a relationship that you have with members of the Jewish Community. Some of you have become very wealthy and are able to live in the best manner that you choose because of this friendship. However, have you ever noticed that no matter how rich and powerful some of us have become, we have never been shown how to network with the wealthy and learned of our people, pooling our resources that we may produce for our people that which would grow us from a begging position as little children to become masters of our own destiny?

The Jewish people have maximized their wealth by networking with their people and others in America and the World, thus they have become masters in banking, trade, commerce and have parlayed their wealth to become masters in every field of human endeavor. At the same time, we as their friends amass wealth for ourselves, our families and a few people who benefit from us but never have we done anything collectively to benefit the masses of our people.

It is not that we would not desire to do this; it is because we have not been shown how. Our distrust and disunity prohibits us from doing what the Jewish people have done.

These books that the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam has published, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy Volume 2” and “Jews Selling Blacks” are being shared with our people to show us how we were completely undone and how others have benefited from what has happened and continues to happen to us. We cannot deal effectively with our so-called friends as men and women without this vital knowledge.

Whenever the Light of Truth has been shone on them, they reach for you to defend them against the Truth that uncovers the horror that has been done to us. They have always been successful pitting us against each other thus keeping them from facing the Truth of their real relationship with us. As they call upon you to denounce me as an anti-Semite and, because of the favor you believe you owe them for what they have done to help make life comfortable for you; I am asking you to stand down. I am asking you to read this research and then discuss it with your Jewish friends. Would you condemn me as an anti-Semite for exposing the research that shows them as being anti-Black? I am asking you to stand down and let them come out to me to defend their record and history of their relationship with us that we compiled from that which was written by their own scholars, historians, and Rabbis.

If you become an apologist for them in this hour, you will be seen by the masses of our people as a modern day Uncle Tom who believes you owe more to them than to the masses of our suffering people. If you attack me at their insistence you will be seen as an enemy of the rise of our people as well as an enemy of your own rise; for you can never be free to rise above the limitations placed on you by them until you know the absolute Truth of your relationship with them. Being an apologist for them will be dangerous for you as the masses of our people are awakening and are increasingly angry at the reality of our condition. No matter how popular you may be and desirous you may be to defend your so-called friends, it is dangerous for any of us to defend those who are the architects of White supremacy and are the architects of the destruction of us as a people.

Most of you are afraid to face such a formidable and powerful enemy. So, I implore you to stand to the side and let them come out to defend themselves and argue against the Truth that I and we speak and write.

I will prove to you and them that Allah (God) is Present and He is with me. As David went out to Goliath and defeated him in the face of the fear of King Saul and the Children of Israel, likewise, I can assure you that I will be victorious over your and my enemies with the Help of Allah (God) and His Christ (Mahdi).

Thank you for reading these words.

I Am Your Brother and Servant,

Respectfully and Sincerely Submitted,

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Servant to the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West


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