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Jews and Black Slavery


MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN ~ True Christian Love (Part 8) The Black Jewish Relationship

"SECRET" Memorandum shows Jewish control of Black event

A memorandum addressed to Civil Rights leaders authored by White Jewish Rabbi David Saperstein and marked "Confidential and Personal" threatened Jewish reprisals if Minister Farrakhan were allowed to speak at the 1993 March on Washington. Though invited to speak Minister Farrakhan was dis-invited at the last minute by negro organizers based on this memo. Mrs. Coretta King, Rev. Lowery of SCLC, NAACP's Ben Chavis, Jesse Jackson, Walter Fauntroy and others could all be heard chanting a collective "YESSUH BOSS" even before the White rabbi could get the order through his fax machine.

Here are excerpts from the August 13, 1993 memo: 


To: Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Rev. Walter Fauntroy, Bill Lucy, Rev. Jesse Jackson, William Gibson, Rev. Ben Chavis, Lane Kirkland

From: Rabbi David Saperstein

cc: Rabbi Alexander Schindler, Lawrence Rubin

...In the past 24 hours, however, two major problems have arisen. The first is that I understand that a tentative decision was made yesterday to invite Rev. Louis Farrakhan. I do not need to tell you what a devastating blow this would be to the solidarity of the coalition supporting the March.

While he participated in 1983, that was before all of the blow-up over his extreme statements generally, and his anti-Semitic statements in particular, beginning with his "Judaism is a gutter religion." For a decade, these problems have escalated....I thought this issue was resolved in 1988 when the decision was made not to invite him. The controversy over Rev. Farrakhan's participation will overwhelm the entire March. The media's obsession with such controversies, and Black-Jewish tensions particularly (around Rev. Farrakhan above all) will become the major story of the March. The substance of your talks and what the March represents will be totally drowned out. Obviously, all of the Jewish groups, (and, I suspect, other groups) will be forced to withdraw from participation in the March....I am exceedingly disappointed, considering how closely I have worked with all of you over the years and how strongly you must have known the Jewish community would react to these decisions, that these decisions were not only made without my participation and ability to share my community's concerns, but without even the courtesy of prior consultation. This feels like a major breach of good faith. Please reach me at my office 202-387-2800 or my home 202-263-4375 any time that is convenient for you to discuss this further.




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Israel's 500-year Modus Operandi: Suger to Cotton to Oil

Israel's 500-year Modus Operandi: Sugar to Cotton to Oil

By The N.O.I. Historical Research Department | Last updated: Apr 21, 2011 - 6:59:43 PM

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(FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is doing just as his spiritual father did, guiding us to examine and analyze the historical record so that our actions today will be synchronized with the time and the will of the Almighty God, Allah. Let us then patiently review an historical Truth in the light of that which is being revealed to us today in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volumes One and Two. In these books Jewish scholars and rabbis clearly document their own complicity in the destruction of the Black man and the exploitation of his labor to serve wealth-building ventures of the Jewish people around the globe.


The history is clear. The Jews have chosen for themselves much real estate around the world and have claimed it to be the ‘land of Israel,' or the ‘promised land,' or glossed it in some other scriptural pretense.
If this Jewish behavior is indeed part of a larger strategy, as the books suggest, then the 500-year Jewish strategy of enslavement and oppression should also be in the DNA of the 1948 establishment of the state of Israel—an eerily familiar Jim Crow scheme that has had the Middle East in deep, bloody conflict for more than 60 years. The Caucasian Israelis and their Zionist supporters have insisted that the motivation of their founders was based on a Biblical directive, but, as The Messenger has suggested, history may offer an important insight into the origins and thus the legitimacy of the so-called Jewish state.

Several Jewish scholars like Professor Shlomo Sand have already dealt a fatal blow to the claim that the Caucasian Jews who now reside in that highly disputed place in North Africa (the so-called Middle East) have ANY connection whatsoever to those Hebrews of your King James Bible. Genetically, these Caucasian, or Ashkenazi, Jews are Europeans that have simply assumed the sacred identity of a lost people and used it to sanctify their boldest colonial conspiracies. Most Israelis actually believe they are descendants of that ancient people, but they are no more connected to the Hebrew patriarchs than are box turtles. A more plausible explanation of Zionist motives only comes into focus in the light of the information contained in The Secret Relationship series. It is the worldwide marketing histories of sugar, cotton, and oil that link the Jews in a very direct way to the early stages of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in 1555 and to the state of Israel today.

Let us start with sugar, the highly demanded commodity that induced a people of one continent to build fleets of war ships to invade two other continents—to exterminate the people of one and to replace them with millions stolen from the other—and to force the kidnapped people to work forever to their deaths. Sugar did that. It was first grown commercially on the islands off the west coast of Africa, and by the mid-1500s it made the move to Brazil and Surinam and the Caribbean islands and finally to the southern coast of the United States. And the people found in the most important positions in this commercial thrust were none other than Jewish merchants, largely from the trading centers of Portugal and Holland. So while Africans were forcibly moved to the plantations of the Western Hemisphere, Jews were found migrating to the very same places—but their role was to shepherd the sugar and slave trades into full commercial efficiency.

They enslaved thousands of Africans in the process, and, according to the Encyclopedia Judaica (at which no Black Muslims are employed), Jewish colonists made Brazil “the most important area of sugar production in the world.” The Secret Relationship, Vol. 1 tells us (p. 21) that by 1600—176 years before the birth of America—the bulk of the sugar and slave trades and plantations enslaving at least 10,000 Blacks were in the hands of the Jewish settlers. The Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that these who claim to be the “chosen people” “had a vast traffic beyond all the rest...” They became so wealthy and entrenched in their sugar-cane “promised land” that Brazil's weekly slave auctions had to be postponed when they fell on Jewish holidays! Truly, a Jewish man's heaven is a Black man's hell.

Sugar cane growers in field. Photo: Library of Congress
Black toddlers, prized for their delicate and nimble fingers, spent their childhoods picking the tiny seeds out of the cotton fibers. But with the invention of the cotton gin in 1793, a machine that speedily served that function, cotton exploded in marketability to become the most profitable commodity on the planet earth. Everyone wanted to be clothed in cotton, and that precious crop grew best in one place—the Mississippi Delta region of the American South.

We know that enslaved Africans were brought into that wilderness in harrowing numbers, but only recently has it been revealed that another people made a very same, but voluntary, migration. The Secret Relationship, Vol. 2 shows that a group of highly skilled Jewish merchants from Europe very deliberately targeted the Mississippi Delta region for settlement, and the exploitation of slave-grown cotton was their only goal. They invested heavily in slave plantations and in the government, transportation, and marketing infrastructure that moved thousands of bales of cotton down the Mississippi river to New Orleans and into the world markets.

Claiming biblical roots and divine guidance, Jewish merchants integrated among their White slave-holding brethren and used their unique talents and abilities to help build the racist infrastructure of the international cotton industry. Again, we will allow the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1901 to affirm this previously unknown Black/Jewish reality: “[T]he cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of the Jews, and as a consequence slavery found its advocates among them.”

For more than a century cotton remained the world's most important commodity, but its revenues soon waned in favor of a new major product—petroleum oil. It became clear to the giants of the industrial revolution that the free flow of oil would be essential to maintaining the growth and development of the Western empire. Their focus thus became the Middle East as the source and center of the most plentiful oil reserves. The British empire had seized control of the oil-rich region, and carved up the territory and the indigenous population with boundaries that served Britain's economic design. But to secure a steady oil supply the Western powers needed a long-term Caucasian presence. And just as with sugar and cotton, Jews are again found making the same commercial trek to the very place where the raw material—in this case, oil—is most abundant.

The borders of the newly invented “Jewish state” were not designed based on any ancient scriptural dictate such as that in Deuteronomy 34:1-4. The British had built an oil pipeline that reached from the Persian Gulf by Kuwait and Iraq through Saudi Arabia and Jordan and culminated at the port of Haifa in the eastern Mediterranean. Their plan was to build a Western-controlled infrastructure around the oil industry, with Haifa to become the oil spigot to the world. And thus the State of Israel formed around a barrel of oil—not a bible.

There seems to be a pattern here: In the cotton trade, Jews rooted their business and banking superstructure at the port of New Orleans, which was the outlet of the Mississippi River and the destination of the endless procession of steam barges stacked with bales of slave-picked cotton. In Brazil, when sugar reigned supreme, it was the port of Recife, where sugar-exporting Jews numbered in the thousands. And now that oil is the world's most desired commodity, Israel is where Jews—once barely visible among the indigenous Palestinian people—now number 5.8 million. Israel was born in 1948 just as oil became the powerful center of the world economy. And the Middle East and especially the Palestinians have been paying a bloody price ever since.

The history is clear. The Jews have chosen for themselves much real estate around the world and have claimed it to be the “land of Israel,” or the “promised land,” or glossed it in some other scriptural pretense. The Rothschilds backed a 1,000-acre sugar plantation in Florida as the Jewish promised land; the slave-dealing Jews of Charleston, South Carolina saw this oppressive Southland as God-given; one of the many infamous haters of Blacks, Mordecai M. Noah, planned a Jewish haven in western New York; and banker Bernard Baruch—the son of a Jewish Ku Klux Klansman—teamed with Franklin D. Roosevelt in a plan to simply take over central Africa and give it to the Jews! All of these colonization schemes were publicly framed by Judaic commandments, but we now see that they all really had one purpose—to make loads of money for the people Jesus Himself threw out of the temple. And most of these schemes required the utter extinction of the indigenous inhabitants and the importation of foreign populations to provide the labor. The result of these destructive Jewish “wanderings” are the shattered societies of a destroyed people, juxtaposed against the uncountable riches and boundless prosperity of a “religiously enterprising” people who have gained in material wealth—but who are also in endless conflict with the Gentiles of the world and utterly devoid of peace.

As our great Minister has said: “[T]here can never be any peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your dirty religion under His holy and righteous name.” Adolph Hitler was accused of similar genocidal acts and grand schemes, but history has been best qualified to show us that Hitler had great Jewish role models.

(For more information on this topic and more writings from members of the Historical Research Department visit http://www.noi.org/hrd.)

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The Movement for Reparations

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Aug 6, 2003 - 8:12:00 PM

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(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt of a message delivered by Minister Farrakhan at Plymouth United Christian Congregational Church in Washington, D.C., on August 16, 2002, on the eve of the Millions for Reparations March. It originally appeared in Volume 21, Number 47.)

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The Honorable Minister Louis FarrakhanThe cause for which we are gathered is bigger than all of us who are gathered and, therefore, it is incumbent upon us to submerge our personalities, even our differing methodologies, religious persuasions or the lack thereof, for the cause that is bigger than us all.

We are not here tonight because of ourselves, we are here because of those who went before us to pave the way for us. We must not be untrue to them and to those who struggled to make life what it is for us—nor should we relegate what we can do today to our children to do tomorrow. We should complete our assignment today, so that our children may work on the next phase of that assignment.

I heard Dr. Ron Daniels say, if there ever were a time that we needed unity as a people, that time is now. We are under assault from every quarter and the only way we can survive is that it must be "we" and not "I."

We will survive if we recognize our need for one another.

The brilliance sitting here and sitting out there is needed. There is not one of us who does not bring something of value to the struggle. We may not all struggle in the same way, we may not have the same length or breadth in terms of impact, but, each one of us is important to bring about a successful outcome for what we desire.

We, who are in the movement for reparations, and I’m very glad to say we, because I definitely know that the Nation of Islam is a part of that movement for reparations. We must not betray our ancestors in the negotiation for what we feel is just and justly due to the children of the slaves.

It’s not about money. It’s about what is requisite to repair the damage. I see the Honorable Marcus Garvey as my grandfather and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as my father. Both men have impacted on my life and I think that the founders of the Millions for Reparations rally, who met in Durban, South Africa, were not just talking, but there was a spirit moving them. The spirit of those who have gone on, who are not able to be here tonight, but who produced us that we might make an accounting of ourselves in our time period.


Liberation is not a one-day journey. Neither is reparation, for reparation and liberation really are synonymous. You won’t be free without the damage being repaired. In order to repair the damage, you must make a proper assessment of the damage.

Whenever you are in an accident, and most of us have been in some kind of accident, your car gets hit. There is a carmaker who knows all the parts that he put in it and how they should function, so that when you turn the key, you get a proper reaction.

But when you’ve been in an accident, you have to stop and an assessor comes out and looks at your car, assesses the damage and tells you what is needed to repair it and make it whole.

There is no question that we’ve been damaged and there’s no question that the damage has been so severe that some have said it’s totaled: "We don’t need to repair this, we need a new thing." But the scripture says, "Behold I make all things new." Sometimes you can take a thing that’s been damaged, to prove the power of your ability when somebody says "total it," you say "no, I can bring it back." That separates the real mechanic from the student.

In the 16th chapter of Ezekiel—he’s an old prophet, but he could see. He talks about some damage, and, I thought, "I would like to look at this damage." He said, "Now when I passed by thee and looked upon thee, behold thy time was the time of love; And I spread my skirt over thee and covered thy nakedness: yea I swear unto thee, and entered a covenant with thee, "sayeth the Lord GOD" and thou becamest mine." It’s talking about something that was naked that needed covering, something that was unclean that needed washing.

In the fourth verse, it says, "as for thy nativity, in the day thou was born, thy navel was not cut, neither was thou washed in water to supple thee; thou was not salted at all, nor swaddled at all. None eye pitied thee, to do any of these unto thee, to have compassion upon thee; but thou was cast out in the open field, to the loathing of thy person, in the day that you were born. And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou was in thy blood, Live."

That doesn’t make too much sense right now. But let’s look at it a little deeper.

The only reason we are here for reparations is that nothing was done to repair the damage that 400 years of slavery and injustice had done to us.

"In the day that you were born" means that you’ve come forth out of the womb of confinement and gestation. But the day you were born, there was nobody to serve you, to cut the umbilical cord, to wash you, to swaddle you. You were polluted in your own blood. As you are developing in the womb, the placenta is a purification agency that allows good to come into the new life being formed. You are developing lungs to breathe on your own, eyes to see, ears to hear, brains to think, hands to work, feet to walk. But when you come forth, there is some attention that you need.

First of all, the umbilical cord has to be cut to separate you from that out of which you were born.

For 300 years we were confined in what was called chattel slavery. It was a period of gestation in the womb. America couldn’t go on. Like any mother, when it’s time, you’ve got to lay down and give birth to the child, or you die, or the baby dies or both die.

In 1865, they said "you are free." They couldn’t hold us in slavery, that narrow place of confinement. We had outgrown it. So the baby comes to birth, but the cord still is not cut. You have the ability to breathe on your own, to see, to think, but you are still tied to your slave master and his children, not in a proper, but in a very improper way. With nobody to serve your needs, your rights, your interests, you are laying in an open field now. Nobody to wash you with water and you are polluted in the blood of the womb. What is the blood of the womb? It’s the life of slavery that gave you a slave mentality, this terrible feeling of inferiority. There is some damage that has been done. The baby is born, but it’s born damaged. It doesn’t know where it belongs. And if it knows where it belongs, it can’t go there because the cord that’s tying it has not been cut.

In the year 2002, we are polluted by the life of slavery.

Somebody walked by and said, in a day of love, live. He didn’t just say it; he knew what to do to make it a reality. This wasn’t just a jive mechanic. This was somebody who knew that it could have been totaled but he knew how to bring it back. He said, "live." You wouldn’t say "live" if it were alive.

It was in a state of death and only a power bigger than the power of man could come and bring it back to life. He said, "When I walked by." Who is this "I" talking? It must be that I," who said, "Behold I make all things new." This is a terrible condition, something polluted in its own blood. It’s been lying there for 100 and some odd years, polluted in the life of the slave. You’ve been to college but you’re polluted. No matter how many doctorate degrees you have, they have not washed you.

I want you to hear me as your brother. Don’t get arrogant over what the White man gave us because he never gave us enough to wash ourselves, otherwise the job would have been done. The repair work would have been done. Church couldn’t repair you because you’re a n_ _ _ _r in the church. I’m not being disrespectful. But church now is an emotional experience, but not a transforming experience, neither is the mosque, nor the synagogue. Our organizations die from within as well as from without, because there is something sick within that needs to be healed.

All of our degrees are useful, but they are more useful after we have been washed. They are more useful after the umbilical cord is cut, because to cut the umbilical cord allows you to grow into yourself. It’s self-determination, not living under the shadow, nor in the shadow, of America. But living free to be what you are and who God created you to be.

Now in assessing the damage, you have to look at what happened to us spiritually, because there is a spiritual disconnect from the reality of God. You know God, you love God, but the reality of how God works, you’re disconnected from that, because you are disconnected from the law of cause and effect. You think things just happen. You don’t realize that God gives you wisdom to organize and make things happen. You are sitting around waiting for a mystery God to give you what you are quite capable, if united, of giving yourself.

You have been stripped of an understanding of the law of cause and effect, so you believe in a mystery God. Some fellow floating around in the sky and you are floating around on earth, not grounded, not knowing the value of what’s under your foot, and willing to give it up to somebody else that they can use you to build a heaven for themselves on the earth. You’re waiting to die and go someplace to get what you can get on the earth.

That’s a spiritual disconnect from reality.

The Holy Qur’an teaches us that Allah (God) will never change the condition of a people until they change themselves.

How are we going to change? We don’t know how. Somebody has to walk by and say, "live." Not only say it, but produce life, spiritually. Not only are we messed up spiritually, but the life that we lived in slavery was immoral. The enemy never wanted marriage as an institution. Make babies and let the slave master take care of them. Is that still going on? Somebody needs a washing, don’t you think? The slave master went into our women and produced all these different shades and colors and textures of hair and shapes of noses and lips. He made those badges of honor and dishonor depending upon how light you were, how straight your hair was, how close you were to the image of perfection, which was White supremacy. That had a terrible effect on us mentally that needs repair to this day.

Why do our organizations die from within? Because the enemy can easily pit one of us against the other, because we’re so filled with jealousy and envy. When somebody appears to be more talented, we feel we must fight with him or her, rather than join him or her and help him or her.

Then, there are those of us who have been educated on the principle that the more you know, the more money you can get for what you know, so knowledge is not for cultivation. Knowledge is for you to gain the creature comforts of life oftimes at the expense of others. Somebody needs a washing here.

We’ve been here since before the Mayflower. Here are people that came after the Mayflower, on the Mayflower, and take advantage of what America has to offer.

We’ve been here longer than anybody else, except the Native Americans and those who brought our fathers here in the beginning, and what do we have to show economically for the knowledge that we possess and the money that flows through our hands on a yearly basis? That’s why a monetary solution alone will not work. The mentality of the slave is such, that if you gave him money, within a month it would be right back in the hands of the former slave masters and their children.

You have spiritual damage, mental damage, emotional damage, psychological damage, political damage. Did I say social damage? Did I say scientific damage? We’ve been so damaged that the prophets referred to us as dead. Ezekiel offers a picture of us as dried bones in a valley. The bones could hear great teachers and they would shake and they would rattle, but they wouldn’t do anything. You have had some of the greatest teachers that ever walked the earth.


In today’s newspaper some of the families of victims of the horror of 9/11 were suing the governments of Saudi Arabia and Sudan and some royal family members for several trillion dollars. They sued because of 3,000 deaths and buildings coming down. Thank you very much. You’re making our case for us. Because, if 3,000 people White, Black, Brown, Red and Yellow, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, who died in buildings, on airplanes and at the Pentagon deserve trillions of dollars, then put that on the scale of what some scholars say we lost in the Middle Passage coming into slavery. The money figure is staggering to fix this car.

That’s why nobody wants to talk about the level of reparations. They’ll talk about raising a monument. "Let’s have a museum for Black people." Don’t you settle for that. Elijah Muhammad, whether you agreed or disagreed with him, said to me one day that he wanted us to have 8 or 10 states. Let them move out and leave everything. Don’t tear anything down. Leave the institutions, leave everything there and we will move in. And then we want you to take care of us for the next 20-25 years, until we are able to go for ourselves. Now don’t say you (Whites) can’t do it, because you’ve been taking care of Israel for 54 years. And Israel has not contributed to this nation like we have.

Now don’t go off half cocked, "That Farrakhan is at it again." The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "Perhaps I know that they won’t give us one state, not even as small as Rhode Island, but that doesn’t stop me from asking." He said, "I want my people to know what justice looks like." Justice is not a White woman. I’m not saying that you can’t fall in love. But what I am saying is we cannot accept their daughter as payment. We cannot accept their son as payment. We cannot accept your weak attempt at affirmative action as payment. We cannot accept welfare as payment. Brothers and sisters, when you add up what we have suffered and what we have contributed to a country, that to this day denies us the principle of justice, such measures are insufficient. Whites may say, "well, ya’ll ain’t never going to get nothing from us." I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. I saw what you did to O. J. Simpson. He got through the court all right. He was pronounced not guilty. But you couldn’t be satisfied with that. You brought him back to court and found him responsible. You started stripping him of whatever money he had that he didn’t hide because you said no, he’s not guilty, but he is responsible.

The present generation of Whites is not guilty. But we have to ask, are you willing to accept responsibility? You say, "Well, I didn’t do anything to those people" No, but you live a privileged life because of something that happened to us.

And to the Whites who would be heartened by these statements, I would love to dialogue with you. I want you to understand what responsibility is, because this is not going away.

Click here to order an audio/video copy of entire speech.


A Divorce with Alimoly

By Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

4. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendents from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own—either on this continent or elsewhere. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to provide such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years—until we are able to produce and supply our needs.

Since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality, after giving them 400 years of our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worst treatment human beings have ever experienced, we believe our contributions to this land and the suffering forced upon us by White America, justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own.” (from “The Muslim Program: What The Muslims Want,” back page of The Final Call )

This declaration for true “reparations” has been a central part of the program of the Nation of Islam for now over 80 years. The term reparations means: 1. The act or process of repairing and 2. The act or process of making amends; expiation. Most people know about the past and continued cruel treatment of Black people in America by Whites and their unjust political and economic systems. This treatment, during and after slavery, cannot be denied and reparations to repair the damage done to Black people are justified. However, when one repairs an object, one intends to use that object again; therefore, separation must come with reparations so that White folk cannot continue to abuse Black people.

On the other hand, Blacks have been given the impression by the so-called Jews that they are our friends and are different from other Whites, and that we should continue to fight for integration instead of separation. However, revelations presented in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2 (TSRv2) destroys such a false impression of friendship. It is possible for someone to be a close friend and even marry someone under false pretences, only later to be found guilty of deceit, duplicity and unfaithfulness. Many married couples, who may seem “happily married” from the outside, shock their unsuspecting neighbors by filing for divorce based on the grounds of cruelty (having inflicted unnecessary emotional or physical pain) and adultery, all of which the neighbors knew nothing about.

But now for the troubling reality: TSRv2 allows us unprecedented access to the private confessions of Jewish scholars and rabbis about their strategy of using the Black man and woman as scapegoats for their own economic and political advancement. This history is profoundly disturbing and begins long before Blacks were brought forcibly into America. The medieval rabbis, seeking to validate their increasing focus on Africa as a source for slaves, invented the “Curse of Ham,” which scapegoated ALL Blacks for ALL worldly sins and targeted Africans for exploitation forevermore. And that only started the racist process. Rabbi and historian Dr. Bertram W. Korn explained that “many Southern Jews believed slavery to be indispensable to their happiness and security.” According to Korn, “[T]he road to social and economic advancement and acceptance” for the Jews “was made easier by the institution of slavery.”
Both White Gentiles and Jews know the importance of a secure environment for the development of capital within a capitalist system, of which America is the greatest promoter and example. After 1865 Blacks thought that they were free and full citizens of the United States. And for a while, as long as the North kept troops in the South, Blacks exercised a measure of freedom and economic mobility. They even established 60 “Black Towns” in the South and bought millions of acres of farm land. However, according to TSRv2, there was a Jewish congressman from Louisiana named William M. Levy who on March 1, 1877 persuaded the U.S. Congress to remove the troops from the South and let the Southern Whites have their way with the defenseless Blacks. By enacting these Black Codes both Gentile and Jew intended to thwart any economic development by their former slaves.

A set of these Black Codes taken together basically eliminated Black people from legally owning land and going into any other type of business. Contracts could be voided just because you were Black. How can you do business where anyone at anytime can void his contract with you? According to another code you could not even take Whites to court, and in some states you could not even own a gun to protect yourself, your family and your property. Another code made it illegal to sell anything that White folk did not want you to sell. Therefore, if a Black person wanted to participate in normal business relationships in this capitalist country, he had to do it at his own risk and therefore become an “outlaw” for doing the same thing that was legal for Whites.

Now, if we couple this with other information documented in TSRv2 about how the Southern Jews grew from peddlers to store owners to bankers, then we can see that the Black Codes made it completely illegal for Blacks to move up that economic ladder of capitalism. And on pages 258-59 of the book (2d ed.) it is pointed out that these so-called Jews followed Blacks around as peddlers and grew rich, whereas laws in states like South Carolina prohibited Blacks from “vending, bartering or peddling any articles or commodities.” Jewish historian Lee Shai Weissbach found that “the prospect of opening a store with very little capital was enhanced by the presence of a large African-American population that seemed to offer a ready customer base for Jewish entrepreneurs.” According to Elliott Ashkenazi, “The novelty of the American South was the chance to make a lot more money from traditional Jewish occupations concerned with storekeeping and general mercantile activity.” We could only be consumers.

In 1866 the Southern Homestead Act was passed which gave 160 to 640 acres to White immigrants, including so-called Jews, to help settle 46 million acres of public domain land in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. At the same time Blacks in the South were denied their promised “40 acres and a mule,” and they were not even allowed to purchase land in many of the frontier states. Our Jewish “friends” did indeed get the Blacks’ 40 acres and more—and never bothered to share.

In fact, while the settlement house movement was developed to help the immigrant European so-called Jews to successfully infiltrate the American economic culture, Blacks were being denied entry into the economic sphere—in both the southern and northern communities—except as menials, sharecroppers and unskilled laborers. The Jewish settlement houses provided the Jewish immigrant with employment, took financial care of his family, and connected him to a Jewish business network that involved Jewish manufacturers supplying Jewish immigrants with merchandise, training them in the art of peddling, and sending them into the small inland towns. Soon the Jewish peddler, using the resources of this network, was able to set up shop in the Black community, and later establish department stores in downtowns across the country.

The settlement house movement was financed by liberal white churches and Jewish business men. Jacob Schiff, a Wall Street financier and one of the conspirators in the 1914 establishment of the Federal Reserve System, financed two settlement houses. Schiff was recruited by Joel Spingarn, the Jewish president of the NAACP, to sit on the “black” organization’s board starting in 1914. Schiff had previously turned down a request by Du Bois to fund his first magazine publication called the Moon Illustrated Weekly in 1905, because he did not like the way Du Bois exposed the so-called Jews as the “inheritors of the plantation economy,” in his Souls of Black Folk. But now he was Du Bois’ boss, overseeing the publication of the NAACP’s Crisis Magazine.

Another financier of the Jewish settlement house movement was Samuel Gompers, who destroyed the bi-racial and cooperative-minded Knights of Labor while pushing his whites-only American Federation of Labor (AFofL). In fact, it was Samuel Gompers and his AFofL that ethnically cleansed Blacks from the labor force, replacing skilled Black workers with immigrant Jews and Gentile Whites. Meanwhile Blacks remained barred from certain economic arenas and thus were forced into menial labor. Somebody needed to work the cotton plantations—cotton plantation workers/sharecroppers drove the Southern, US, and world economies.

In the book A History of Jews in America, historian Howard Sachar wrote, “In 1914, Professor Emeritus

Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.”Other Jewish co-founders included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, and Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch. We bring these names up in light of the fact that the established goal of the NAACP was to promote “non-economic liberalism.” This philosophy, developed by Joel Spingarn, long-time president of the NAACP and brother of board chairman Arthur Spingarn, called for social integration and not economic participation for the once slaves. In light of the business-minded White men that set up and controlled the NAACP, it seems quite hypocritical for them not to focus on economic development as expressed by the Niagara Movement, but instead emphasize “social miscegenation,” which the so-called Jews, claiming to be “God’s Chosen People”, did not practice themselves and knew would be a thorn in the side of Southern Whites. On the other hand, the Black men of the Niagara Movement stated in their 1905 Declaration of Principles that they especially complained “…against the denial of equal opportunities to us in economic life; in the rural districts of the South this amounts to peonage and virtual slavery; all over the South it tends to crush labor and small business enterprises…”—demonstrating that Black people back then strove toward The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s philosophy of economic independence. If left alone, Black people could have pulled themselves up by their own boot strings. They tried with their many Black Towns and Black Wall Street—which were later destroyed by Whites. In the meantime, their White Jewish “friends” were continually shepherding them in the wrong direction, away from self.

Alimony means “An allowance for support made under a court order and usually given by a man to his former wife after a divorce or legal separation.” In light of the testimony presented in TSRv2 describing “irreconcilable differences,” WE, the Black people of America, now file for a “divorce with alimony.”