Farrakhan Exposes the 'Black Anti-Semite' Myth


MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN ~ True Christian Love (Part 8) The Black Jewish Relationship

Minister Louis Farrakhan & the Jews

Text of Minister Louis Farrakhan's letter to ADL's Abraham Foxman
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(FinalCall.com) - The Nation of Islam has released the full text of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's letter to the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham H. Foxman.  The letter dated June 24, 2010 was sent with copies of two newly released books by the Nation of Islam's Historical Research Department, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume Two” and “Jews Selling Blacks.”Additionally, he sent copies of the books and the letter to all of the heads of the major influential Jewish organizations. In a June 29, 2010 press statement, ADL Director Abraham Foxman responded to Minister Farrakhan's letter.

The full text of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's June 24 letter as well Abraham Foxman's response is being made available via the PDF documents below:

Farrakhan Exposes Jewish Involvement In The Black Holocaust

Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce book

Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce "Secret Relationship"book
By FinalCall.com News

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Details emerge of meeting with Jewish leaders and Minister Farrakhan

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his message “Who Are The Real Children of Israel?” with part two subtitled, “The Proof” at the Nation of Islam's international headquarters, Mosque Maryam on July 11, 2010. The message was also broadcast live via webcast to a national and international audience. For some in the audience, it was the first time hearing detailed aspects of Minister Farrakhan's simmering and at times white-hot controversy with powerful Jewish leaders and organizations.

He went into details of a meeting over a decade ago with several prominent Jewish rabbis and leaders in which they laid down ground rules for him to gain friendship with the Jewish community. Their terms included a probation period of monitoring Minister Farrakhan's actions and words over a “protracted period of time.” Another term was that he denounce “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” Volume One, which they called a “calumny” against the Jewish people. No one has been written of well in history who has not been a friend of the Jewish people, Minister Farrakhan said the influential Jews told him.

Minister Farrakhan responded that since they had done more harm to Black people maybe it was us—as members of a vigilant Black community—that needed to watch the Jewish people over a “protracted period of time.” He then advised them that he would not denounce the book unless they were prepared to denounce the research and writings of the Jewish historians and scholars who were quoted in Volume One.

Published in 1991, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” Volume One set off ideological tremors resulting in denunciations, and chaotic scrambles into the archives of Jewish historical literature by those hoping to debunk its claims. They were unsuccessful, and quietly, the assertions that Jews were merely “co-sufferers or innocent by-standers” in the trans-Atlantic slave trade have been silenced. The Nation of Islam's Historical Research Department has followed up with the highly anticipated Volume 2 in a series of scholarly volumes, this one under the subtitle “How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy.”

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How It All Started
The Reverend Jesse Jackson was actively contemplating a run for the presidency of the United States of America. He traveled throughout the nation and Black Americans greeted him at every stop with the enthusiastic chant, "Run Jesse, Run!" For the first time in American history, the Black community was galvanized behind a favorite son candidate with a real chance to win. Tens of thousands of Blacks and others began to enter into the political process behind the leadership of their Black champion, Jesse Jackson.

A group of Jews formed an organization called "Jews Against Jackson" and on November 11, 1983 they placed an advertisement in the New York Times with a photograph of Rev. Jackson with Palestine leader Yasir Arafat with the headline:

The ad claimed that Rev. Jackson "IS A DANGER TO AMERICAN JEWS, TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL AND TO AMERICA ITSELF." "We believe," they continued, "that he is building a coalition of malcontents who will be a disaster for Jews, for Israel, for America, for the free world... We are afraid and we intend to act. We intend to pressure national and political leaders to openly condemn Jesse Jackson and cut all political ties and funds to him. WE WILL EXPOSE JESSE JACKSON FOR THE DANGER HE REALLY IS: RUIN JESSE, RUIN!... The Jackson machine is more powerful than you know and we must stop it. YOU CAN STOP IT... JESSE JACKSON IS NO GOOD FOR JEWS, FOR ISRAEL OR FOR AMERICA. STOP HIM. RUIN JESSE, NOW.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines "ruin" as the "total destruction or disintegration." It became clear to many that these open threats created a tension in which Rev. Jackson might have been assassinated.

The "Hitler" Remark-What's the Truth? February 25, 1984 In a speech given by Min. Farrakhan at a rally for Jackson, Min. Farrakhan noted the unusually bitter attacks on Jackson by Jewish leaders and organizations.

"Now whether you know it or not, anytime a Black man stands up with justice in his mouth, his life is on the line. You know that, don't you brothers and sisters? When Jesse decided to run, Jesse decided to put his life on the line. It is unthinkable that we should let out brother go down into the valley of the shadow of death and we say 'Watch Jesse Run. Look at Jesse go.' It is unthinkable that we should not go down with him so that we may go up with him. I say whether we know it or not, there have been over a hundred real threats on this man's life already and several people are already in jail for thinking, planning to do harm to this brother. What has he done to merit this kind of thinking in the American public? What has he done? I'll tell you what he's done. He's freed the minds of these young Black boys and girls who will never again think that Black people cannot rule themselves and to the top, this is what he's done. What has he done? He stands up for the poor, the oppressed and the locked out. What has he done? He's extended his hand to the American Indian, the owners of the country who languish on reservations while others live from the riches of their land. He reaches out to the Mexican American, to the Hispanic American. He reaches out to the poor and to the women. But there's another segment that he reaches out to. He reaches out to Arab Americans. No president or no presidential candidate goes to the Arab seeking Arab American votes. Reverend Jesse Jackson has the nerve to do that because he had the nerve to want to include all, not some, he's hated.

I'm saying to the Jewish people who may not like our brother, it is not Jesse Jackson that you are attacking. Remember this now. You're not attacking an individual. Jesse's gone past that now. When you attack him, you attack the millions that are lining up with him. You're attacking all of us. That's not intelligent. That's not an intelligent thing to do. That's not wise. We know that Blacks and Jews have had a good relationship in the past. We've gotten along well, because you're a suffering people and so are we. But my dear Jewish friends, you must understand that everything comes of age. We cannot define our self interest in terms of your self interest. And because our self interests differ because we've come of age, why dislike us? Why attack our champion? Why hurl stones at him? Why feed the Press so that they can create a climate into which hatred and bitterness and strife can be poured, creating the same kind of climate that led to the assassination of John Kennedy, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Bobby Kennedy. Why create that kind of climate when you have the power to turn it around and show the world that you have sense? Don't you realize what you're doing? Press, don't you realize what you're doing? Are you blind as the government? And if the blind lead the blind, both fall in the ditch. You are blind.

You do not realize that 35 to 45 percent of your armed forces are Black. It is we who you will send to Nicaragua. It is we who you sent to Grenada. It is we who you sent to Lebanon. It is we who will be sent to fight your wars. This is our brother. This is our son. This is our champion. If you harm this brother, what do you think we should do about it? How can we fight for America, if America kills all of our fighters who fight for justice? This is a foolish thing that you are doing.

I say to you as intelligent people, sit down and talk with Rev. Jackson. Sit down Jewish leaders and talk with us. We are ready to talk with you. Sit down and talk like intelligent people who have future at stake. But if you harm this brother, I warn you in the name of Allah, this will be the last one you harm. We are not making any idle threats, we have no weapons, we [don't] carry so much as a pen knife. But I do tell the world that Almighty God Allah is Backing us up in what we say and what we do, and we warn you in His name --leave this servant of Almighty God alone. Leave him alone. If you want to defeat him, defeat him at the polls. We can stand to lose an election, but we cannot stand to lose our brother..."
February 27, 1984 -- Based on this appeal, Nathan Pearlmutter of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) referred to Minister Farrakhan as a new "Black Hitler." Nat Hentoff, a Jewish leader and columnist for the tabloid Village Voice participated in a New York radio call-in show and also characterized the Muslim leader as a "Black Hitler."

March 11, 1984 -- Minister Farrakhan responded to this insult in a radio broadcast from Chicago:

"...So I said to the members of the press, "Why won't you go and look into what we are saying about the threats on Reverend Jackson's life?' Here the Jews don't like Farrakhan and so they call me 'Hitler.' Well that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man. He wasn't great for me as a Black man but he was a great German and he rose Germany up from the ashes of her defeat by the united force of all of Europe and America after the first world war. Yet Hitler took Germany from the ashes and rose her up and made her the greatest fighting machine of the twentieth century, brothers and sisters, and even though Europe and America had deciphered the code that Hitler was using to speak to his chief[s] of staff, they still had trouble defeating Hitler even after knowing his plans in advance. Now I'm not proud of Hitler's evil toward Jewish people, but that's a matter of record. He rose Germany up from nothing. Well, in a sense you could say there is a similarity in that we are rising our people up from nothing, but don't compare me with your wicked killers."

"Why would we tolerate this? I've been among Black people as a teacher from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for nearly thirty years. I'm not a stranger in America. I have lectured in every major university and college and theological seminary in this country. I'm well known by my brothers and sisters who are scholarly. I have addressed every major Black organization that there is. I ask, why should we submit when a White man calls one of our Black brothers a Hitler that we don't rise up and take them to task? You wait for Farrakhan to come and defend himself, though I am a defender of Black people. Not that it matters to me whether you defend me or defend me not. That's up to you. But that would show some gratitude on your part for the work of your brother. I am defended by God and He's sufficient for me, He and his Apostle, but, when you can allow the enemy to call your leaders anything they want to and get away with it, then you are selling yourself again into slavery."

Immediately the Media was filled with Jewish charges that Minister Farrakhan praised Adolph Hitler.

Great? "Great" is a word that is assigned to anything that has a lasting influence or consequence. The twelve volume Oxford English Dictionary uses four pages to define "great" and only one of the definitions suggests a positive or laudatory connotation. The others refer to the size or magnitude, quantity or scope of a thing or event. Webster's Unabridged Third New International Dictionary goes even further. Its primary definition refers to a "large spatial dimension," but it later defines "great" as somebody who is prominent or of renown and then uses the examples of "a politician" or "a dictator" or "a creator of political confusion." Adolph Hitler was all three.

[Black people in America] did not write Webster's Dictionary nor did they freely choose to speak English, that is a language picked up from the slave master. If Minister Farrakhan simply called Hitler "great," he would have been entirely correct -- according to Mr. Webster -- but he thoughtfully expressed his belief that Hitler was an evil wicked killer.

Americans consider all the followings things "great:"
Earthquakes that register over eight on the Richter scale, wars, disasters, massacres, revolutions, political purges, China and the former Soviet Union, non of which they would consider "good." Some "great" events, people and places in history: The Great Train Robbery, Babylon, Alexander the Great, the Great Depression, The Great White Shark, Great Britain, the Great Wall of China, the 1929 stock market crash, the Hindenburgh disaster, Caesar, his ghost -- their "goodness" is, at best, debatable. In the realm of evil and wickedness Adolph Hitler was a great man.

Jewish leaders unanimously attacked Rev. Jesse Jackson and his friend and ally, Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. NBC, CBS, ABC, all major newspapers and wire services purposely distorted the words of Minister Louis Farrakhan in an attempt to harm the candidacy of the Rev. Jackson.

Judaism a "gutter-religion"? Many Jews persist in claiming that Min. Farrakhan referred to Judaism as a "gutter religion." Here is a the actual statement from a speech on June 24, 1984 upon his return to America from Libya:

"...America and England and the nations backed Israel's existence. Therefore when you aid and abet someone in a criminal conspiracy, you are a part of that criminal conspiracy. So America and England and the nations are criminals in the sight of almighty God. Now, that nation of Israel, never has had any peace in forty years and she will never have any peace because there can never be any peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your dirty religion under His holy and righteous name."

"America and England and the nations, because of their backing of Israel are being drawn into the heat of the third world war, which is called Armageddon. Oh America, you have blundered so. And instead of recognizing the mistakes your have made and turn for the better, you persist in your evil. And so the consequences of evil must come. You hate us because we dare say that we are the chosen people of God and can back it up..."

Minister Farrakhan used the term "dirty-religion" to describe the practices and policies of some Jews in the State of Israel. Many Jews consider that the Zionist Israelis are racists and do not believe that Israel is the fulfillment of divine prophesy---many prominent Jews including Israel Shahak and MIT professor Noam Chomsky, consider Israel to be "an apartheid state." They have publicly joined many other Jews in condemning the treatment and even the torture of Palestinians by the state of Israel. Like Minister Farrakhan, they believe that these wicked practices are a strain on the teachings of Moses and on the true practitioners of the Jewish faith.

Minister Farrakhan regularly teaches that "Muslim sheiks who live in opulence [from the riches of oil] when their people live in squalor are practicing a dirty religion." Christians that give the poor a Bible and then exploit their faith and take their natural resources, in the name of God, have dirtied that religion. Television evangelists who thrive off of the faith of the gullible and ignorant, have dirtied the religion. Minister Farrakhan is 100% correct and perfectly truthful in this matter.

In addition to this, no true religion can possibly be a "gutter" religion. The truths brought by the Prophets were revealed to bring people up out of the gutter and this work lies the value of religion. If a person truly follows the law of Moses, he/she is a friend of the Nation of Islam.
[Reprinted newsletter, "Blacks And Jews News" Fall/Winter, 1994, A Publication of The Historical Research Department]

Russell Simmons on Minister Louis Farrakhan

By Russell Simmons -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Oct 2, 2009 - 3:34:40 PM

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Minister Louis Farrakhan: My Second Father

Russell Simmons
When we think of Minister Louis Farrakhan, we often think about the man who helped guide Muhammad Ali or the man who came up together in the Nation of Islam with Malcolm X. Do we ever think he's the man who helped hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of black people to love themselves? Well, we should.

When I grew up in Hollis, Queens there was a rehab, a mosque and a “Steak n' Take” on my corner, all of which where run by the Nation of Islam. There was also a heroin epidemic on that corner that was killing off our teenagers and young adults. Our parents would tell us that when we grow up we should make a choice to either join the army or “be a Muslim or something.” The Nation of Islam secured our housing projects, promoted dignity and transformed men with criminal pasts. Those men would then, in turn, raise refined, educated black children. Hard to dispute this. It took guys off the street and created a powerful, non-violent movement. The Nation of Islam has never been associated with any form of violence and always been about uplifting our communities and making a better future for black people. If you ask anyone from my generation, from any ghetto in this country, I promise you they have roughly the same experiences regarding the Nation's presence in their communities.

Certainly some of their preachers were fiery, especially in their pointing out the evils of white supremacy. They said some things in a way that was hard for most whites and some blacks to digest. For example, “THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL.” We have to remember the climate of the country during this time. It was an all out war and the Nation was not about to back-down. The Nation of Islam, which was started by Elijah Muhammad and a white man named, Master Fard Muhammad, always pointed out that one day we would all live in harmony. Although this still isn't quite true, their message under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan has evolved to fit the time.

It is true that some blacks are still not “free” and stuck in a slave mentality, due to the lingering affects of 400+ years of slavery. It is the recognition of this condition that the Nation continues its important work in ghettos across America, giving steady doses of spirituality or sense of higher self to many men and women who need it.

This past week, it was my honor to host the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at my apartment in NYC. He was joined by his sons Louis Jr., Mustapha and Joshua Farrakhan, along with their personal chef and at least 75 security personnel. It was quite a scene to see how they set up shop at my apartment. This was a week where I didn't miss my 6 am prayer because I could hear them already awake and ready to start the day off right. This was a week where the word “Allah” was on the tip of everyone's tongue. And was a very special time when I got to hang with my “second dad” and my other brothers. We reminisced about the three marches where more than three million people marched on Washington. We talked about how we brought Snoop, Ice Cube and other LA rappers together with members of the east coast rap community and how he helped mediate the beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule and countless other instances where he was there to help hip hop. And of course we talked about his keynote address at the hip hop summit that created the Hip Hop Summit Action network. We even mentioned a subject that the Minister doesn't care to discuss, his legacy. He has talked about the oneness of god for years, about the sameness of all religion and all people. He has given his followers spiritual roadmaps to happiness on Earth his whole life. I want future generations to know him as I do, so I am working to have his thoughts on this subject made into a book. I believe that his memoirs are going to be one of the most interesting and inspiring autobiographies ever written.

So that is my goal.

If America can know his heart, it will inspire millions of Americans for generations to come. It will happen with or without me, but I just thought writing this would be a good karmic expression for me, and a chance to reflect on a very special few days in my life.

(This article is reprinted from GlobalGrind.com.)

Enough! Is EVERY Black Person AN 'Anti-Semite'?

By Tingba Muhammad

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Historic depiction of slave master whipping a slave. All illustrations courtesy of the Library of Congress
(FinalCall.com) - Over the years Blacks have been bludgeoned by Jews with the false and despicable charge of "anti-Semitism." The strongest advocates of Black freedom such as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have borne the brunt of this Jewish abuse, but lately ANY Black person who can complete a full sentence is vulnerable to the charge. U.S. President Barack Obama, possibly the most pro-Israel Black man in America—has been viciously attacked as an “Anti-Semitic Jew-hater.”

A Google search of “Obama and anti-Semitism” returns over five million hits; a search of “Farrakhan and anti-Semitism” returns a tiny fraction of that number—just under 65,000! This shows that it absolutely does not matter what a Black authority says or does—he or she is an anti-Semite.

Of course, neither of these extraordinary Black men is anything close to a Jew-hater, but now both have decided to respond to the charges. President Obama has finally stood up to Israeli oppression of the Palestinians; Minister Farrakhan, on March 14, revealed the EXTENSIVE history of Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust.

Jewish Slave-Dealing in the New World

Jews owned, insured, and financed slave ships and outfitted them with chains and shackles for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They were auctioneers, commission merchants, brokers, and wholesalers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money, markets, and supplies.

Christopher Columbus—whose Trans-Atlantic exploits initiated the brutal genocide of the Red man and forecasted the African Holocaust—was financed by wealthy Spanish Jews and is claimed by some scholars to be a Jew himself.

Nine out of ten captured Africans were shipped to Brazil. Jewish scholar Dr. Arnold Wiznitzer described the early Jewish presence: “[Jews] dominated the slave trade ... The buyers … at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices.”

According to Jewish scholar Dr. Harold Brackman, during the 1600s “slave trading in Brazil became a ‘Jewish' mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval Europe.” In fact, wrote Jewish scholar Jonathan Schorsch, “Jewish merchants routinely possessed enormous numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them off.” If a slave auction fell on a Jewish holiday it was postponed due to lack of buyers and sellers!

The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that “Jewish commercial activity” in this time included a “monopoly of the slave trade.” Jewish traders bought Africans in lots from the Trans-Atlantic shippers and retailed them to inland plantation owners.

The Jews of Surinam gave their slave plantations Hebrew names such as Machanayim, Nachamu, and Goshen. According to Dr. Marcus Arkin, they used “many thousands” of Black slaves. Rabbi Herbert I. Bloom added that the “slave trade was one of the most important Jewish activities ...” In 1694, Jews owned 9,000 Africans, and by 1791 there were 100 “Jewish mulattoes” in Surinam—the result of the rape of African women by their Jewish enslavers.

The prominent Jewish historian Dr. Cecil Roth wrote that the slave revolts in parts of South America “were largely directed against [Jews], as being the greatest slave-holders of the region.” Jews set up militias with the sole purpose of fighting the Black Maroons, the escaped Africans who were fighting to free their enslaved brethren.

The first Hebrew poem written in the New World was an attack on the Black Maroon leader. The Jewish militias murdered the Maroons and cut off their hands to award as trophies.

The Jews of Barbados, wrote one Jewish scholar, “made a good deal of their money by purchasing and hiring out negroes ...”

All Barbadian Jews—including the rabbi—owned Black slaves. Jews warehoused so many African slaves in Barbados that authorities moved to limit the number of captives they could possess. Jews became the major traders in “refuse slaves”—Africans who were weak and sick from the Middle Passage voyage. Jewish traders “fattened them up” and sold them at a profit.

A major Jewish shipper from France had a monopoly on trade to the notorious slave dungeon at Gorée Island—the Auschwitz of the Black Holocaust. Sugar fueled and expanded the slave trade, and according to Jewish scholars, Jews “acquired large sugarcane plantations and became the leading entrepreneurs in the sugar trade.”

Jewish scholars Isaac and Susan Emmanuel reported that in Curacao, which was a major slave-trading depot, “the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise.”

Jewish Slave-Dealing in the United States

Jews were twice as likely to be slave owners as the average Southerner. Rabbi and historian Bertram Korn, the acknowledged expert on 19th-century Jews, wrote: “It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so ... Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless Blacks.”

The very first Jewish communal settlement in the United States was a Florida sugar plantation supported entirely by the labor of dozens of enslaved Africans.

According to documents, when the earliest settlers in New York decided to enter the slave trade, they contacted “the jobbers and the Jews,” who were the recognized international dealers. The largest shipments of Africans arriving in New York in the first half of the 18th century were commissioned by Jewish merchants.

Jews owned slave pens where they warehoused Africans and sold them wholesale. They smuggled slaves to places where slavery was illegal, rented them when they did not want to buy, and bred African women for sexual purposes. Jews ran jails and imprisoned and punished Black slaves; they served as constables, sheriffs, detectives, and bounty hunters. Jewish peddlers traveling the countryside were known to search for and capture runaway slaves and bring them in for the bounty.

The founders of Richmond, Virginia's Jewish community were all slaveholders. When slavery was outlawed in Georgia, Jews left; they returned only when slavery was reinstated.

In Newport, Rhode Island—the center of the rum and slave trade—every Jewish family owned Black slaves. Their synagogue was built by Black slaves “of some skill.” Of the 22 Newport distilleries serving the triangular slave trade, all were owned by Jews. American rabbis owned and rented slaves. The leading abolitionist organization bitterly complained that Jews “have never taken any steps whatever” against slavery.

The nation's highest paid clergyman, Rabbi Morris Raphall of New York, defended slavery and claimed God Himself had sanctioned it. The one rabbi who forcefully attacked slavery, Baltimore's David Einhorn, was thrown out of his own Jewish congregation and forced to flee the city.

The Jewish writer Mordecai Manuel Noah was such a virulent racist that the very first Black newspaper, Freedom's Journal, was started in 1827 just to combat his racist attacks.

Jews helped to suppress slave uprisings and in 1831, Jews were involved in hunting down the great Nat Turner and his freedom fighters. More than 3,000 Jews fought for the slaveholders in the Civil War, and a Jewish owner of a 140-slave plantation, Judah P Benjamin, was secretary of state for the Confederacy..

His picture is engraved on Confederate currency. Jewish bankers like the Erlangers financed the Confederacy. Benjamin financed the Ku Klux Klan after the war.

Jews willed Black humans from one Jewish generation to another, and sold Black babies away from their parents. One Jew stipulated in his will that the sale of his slaves should be used for his son's Yale tuition. When their slaves grew elderly and infirm and were unable to work Jews “freed” them, forcing them to fend for themselves in their old age.

The first Jew elected to the U.S. Senate, Florida's David Yulee, was one of the most strident haters of Indians and defenders of slavery in American history. The distressing reality is that nearly all the Jewish slave dealers enjoyed prominent and honored places among their co-religionists. The profits from their slavery-based enterprises helped finance Jewish community development, built synagogues, homes, schools, businesses, and institutions, and in many untold ways enriched their lives and communities. Actually, one is hard-pressed to name a single prominent American Jew in the slavery era who did not own slaves or profit directly from Black African slavery.

ants played a major role in the slaveIn his 1983 book Jews and Judaism in the United States, Rabbi Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, the longtime editor of the most prestigious Jewish historical journal wrote in two paragraphs (p. 14) one of the more definitive statements on Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust: “… Jewish merch trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the “triangular trade” that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa …”

Given the extraordinary history of Jewish involvement in the Black Holocaust, it is a wonder how any Jew could call any Black person “anti-Semitic.” But it gets worse—Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation didn't stop Jewish merchants and traders from their oppressive ways during the Jim Crow and sharecropping era and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.

For more information visit http://www.blacksandjews.com.

Reposted from THE FINAL CALL (finalcall.com)

Farrakhan continues to uncover Jewish role in Black suffering

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Jul 13, 2010 - 10:28:12 AM

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Nation of Islam leader hurls more truth to destroy the lie of Black-Jewish relations

Farrakhan's challenge to the Jewish community goes unanswered (FCN, 07-07-2010)

A Speech and Book for The New Spiritual Economics Part I (FCN, 07-06-2010)

Text of Minister Louis Farrakhan's letter to ADL's Abraham Foxman (FCN, 07-01-2010)

Farrakhan: Blacks are True Children of Israel (FCN, 06-28-2010)

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Volume 2 Book Review (FCN, 06-28-2010)

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Photo: Michael Muhammad
CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his message “Who Are The Real Children of Israel?” with part two subtitled, “The Proof” at the Nation of Islam's international headquarters, Mosque Maryam.

With the main sanctuary packed with a standing room only crowd, many gathered in the Musallah (prayer hall) downstairs and in the Muhammad University of Islam and thousands more viewing internationally via internet Web cast, the Minister used scripture to deliver undeniable proof that Black people are, in fact, God's chosen people. And revealed how Jewish leaders have profited handsomely off of the backs of Blacks and how despite their “friendship,” critical lessons about business development, unity and economic force have never been shared.

Woman bears witness at Mosque Maryam. Photo: Andrea Muhammad
He also showed how every Black leader that called for strong Black economic power and unity was quickly labeled an anti-Semite because such unity threatened Jewish control of the Black economy.

From slavery and the cotton plantations of yesterday to sharecropping in the 20th century to modern sharecropping under Jewish owners of professional sports teams and Jewish managers, Black talent remains exploited and too often left broke at the end of lucrative careers, he noted.

The Minister pointed out how his bold stance for Black independence has made him the “litmus test” for Blacks seeking citywide, statewide or national office among powerful elements in the Jewish community. But, he warned Blacks in political, cultural, economic and social spheres not to bow to pressure to denounce him today. To capitulate to these forces out of fear and attack a man who has been your defender will only show you as an Uncle Tom and a tool and a slave, Min. Farrakhan said.

“It is you, the Black people of America, the Western World, that are the people today of God's choice, and the people to receive His promise that He made to Abraham, that after His people would be in bondage in a strange land, under strange circumstances, for 400 long years, He would not send a prophet, He would come Himself and He would raise from among us—a dead people—one we would come to know as the first begotten of God from among a dead people.”

Mosque Maryam was overfl owing with people during Min. Farrakhan’s July 11 address. Photo: Michael Muhammad
“He would raise this one and make this one into Himself, and then give this one power to destroy this present world,” said Min. Farrakhan. “He would raise one from among the slaves and give him the power to free you, to deliver you and to crush your enemies, that man is the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad who is alive and well and in power!”

Jewish power and the ‘Farrakhan Litmus Test'

The Minister reminded the audience of how the 2008 presidential campaign included a raw display of Jewish political muscle. Then candidate Barack Obama, like others before him, was given the “Farrakhan Litmus Test.”

“Brother Barack did not want to condemn me, he hesitated,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The Obama campaign first said, “ ‘well we condemn anti-Semitism wherever it is' ” and tried to move on. That was not good enough for some Jewish leaders and after continued pressure and prodding by those leaders and his main opponent at that time for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Obama finally rejected Min. Farrakhan's kind words and denounced him during a nationally televised debate moderated by the late Tim Russert.

The pressure on Mr. Obama was part of a nearly 30-year-old pattern of pressuring Blacks to denounce and repudiate the Nation of Islam minister whenever his words challenge Jewish behavior that ill-affects Blacks or unjust U.S. foreign policy that bows before the Zionist lobby that protects the modern state of Israel in the Middle East.

For some in the audience, it was the first time hearing detailed aspects of Minister Farrakhan's simmering and at times white-hot controversy with powerful Jews.

He spoke about a meeting over a decade ago with several prominent Jewish rabbis and leaders in which they laid down ground rules for him to gain friendship with the Jewish community. Their terms included monitoring Min. Farrakhan's actions and words over a “protracted period of time,” and his denunciation of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” Volume One, which they called a “calumny” against the Jewish people. No one has been written of well in history who has not been a friend of the Jewish people, Min. Farrakhan said the influential Jews told him.

Minister Farrakhan said since they had done more harm to Black people maybe it was us—as members of a vigilant Black community—that needed to watch the Jewish people over a “protracted period of time.” He would not denounce the book, unless they were prepared to denounce the research and writings of the Jewish scholars that were quoted in Volume One. Until this day, Min. Farrakhan has not backed down.

‘We have your history'

(Top) Overflow crowd in mosque watched the Minister’s address via closed circuit TV in the Musallah. Photos: Michael Muhammad (lower)A brother bears witness to the truth at Mosque Maryam on July 11.
Holding up copies of Volumes One and Two of “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews” and “Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews,” the Minister advised listeners to obtain and read the books.

“This is an investment that is probably one of the greatest history lessons that you will ever have the privilege of getting because most of us who write, we write but we never go to the root of why we are in the condition we are in,” he said.

Blacks have been used by powerful Jewish interests to promote their political, economic and social power, he said. Blacks were used to storm social and legal barriers that kept Jews from advancing in some areas during the civil rights era, the Minister said. But while Blacks marched, prayed-in and sat-in for progress, Jews used their knowledge, combined economic strength and unity to progress, he said.

The scholars, historians and theologians of the Nation of Islam are ready to defend this truth against the scholars of the world, the Minister continued.He vowed to stand on the “invincible truth” given to him from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who met with God.

“These who call us anti-Semitic are not Semitic at all, they have no connection whatsoever to the Holy Land. They are usurpers, land grabbers. We have you entomologically, anthropologically, historically and genetically. We can prove that you have no legitimate connection to that land!”

Scripture and Jesus' controversy with the Jews

Minister Farrakhan pointed out that while scholars and theologians discuss the life and ministry of Jesus, they avoid discussing why he was brought to court, tried and crucified.Jesus was exposing the identities of those who ruled based on falsehood and disproving their claims, which is exactly what is happening now, not 2,000 years ago, he said.

Minister Farrakhan deciphered scriptures, bringing them up to the modern times showing their connection with the plight of Blacks in America. Abraham was claimed by the Jews as their father, however, Jesus rejected their claim telling them, “if you were Abraham's children, you would do the works of Abraham,” Min. Farrakhan said. The Holy Qur'an, the Islamic book of scripture, says Abraham was neither a Christian nor a Jew, he said. Abraham is referred to as “an upright man” and “not of the polytheists,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Judaism did not come into existence until after Abraham so he could not have been a Jew and he was in existence before Jesus, so he could not have been a Christian, yet he was considered the “friend of God,” he said.

The contentious conversations that Jesus had with Jews, in the book of John, the 8th chapter when Jesus told the Jews “if God were your father, you would love me for I proceedeth forth and came from God, neither came I of myself, but He sent me,” said Min. Farrakhan.

“Master Fard Muhammad raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but Elijah Muhammad sent me to you to complete his work,” the Minister boldly declared to the delight of the cheering crowd.

The Minister also pointed out scriptures, such as the 2nd, 3rd and 5th chapters of the book of Revelation and other places in the Bible, including the books of Luke and Isaiah, in which aspects of Satan's identity were detailed. Satan, according to the scriptures, was once a part of the angelic hosts, however, he was banished by Allah (God) for being rebellious. This is also described in the Holy Qur'an in the story of Iblis.

“Satan is no spirit! He is a man, but what kind of a man? A star fell from heaven!” said Min. Farrakhan. “You can't stay in the kingdom if you get a command from God and don't want to follow. The kingdom is not for rebels or hypocrites. The kingdom is for those who surrender their will to do the will of Allah.”

Min. Farrakhan explains how the Star of David is related to the higher and lower self and obedience to God versus falling under the rule of carnal appetites. Photo:Andrea Muhammad
Using a flat panel monitor, Min. Farrakhan pointed to and deciphered the meaning of the symbol adopted by Jews and Zionists, the Star of David, which consists of two equilateral triangles, one upright and one upside down. Combined, they form six sides, six angles at 60 degrees each. In Revelation, it reads “count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six,” said the Minister.

Additionally, Satan was given 6,000 years to rule, 60,000 people were taken to the land of Patmos to make the Caucasian race, and the process took 600 years, said Min. Farrakhan. All of this is related to the true identity of the Satanic people, he added.

The identity of Blacks hidden from world

Using statistics, Minister Farrakhan described how Jews lead in influential areas and enjoy a high level of income and wealth as a result of working together.

“It is because of the power, influence and money of the Jewish community, Black people are afraid to speak up for the hurt that we have received from the hands of some of their people, afraid to associate with those that they dislike,” Minister Farrakhan said.

Minister Farrakhan pointed out that every Black leader, even those considered “safe” Negro leaders who tried to establish economic power for Black people was called anti-Semitic. W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington and Malcolm X were all called anti-Semites, said Min. Farrakhan. He also pointed out how respected world leaders such as India's Mahatma Gandhi, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., South African Bishop Desmond Tutu and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter were slapped with the anti-Semitic tag after speaking out against the misdeeds of the Jewish people.

He noted how disrespectful the Jewish owner of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, was upon learning basketball star LeBron James left the city for Miami. Mr. Gilbert called the act a betrayal and has lambasted the basketball pro who turned his franchise around and increased its value.

Still the basketball star and sought after NBA free agents Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch went to Miami, where they will play for another Jewish team owner and forgo top market-driven salaries to make less money in search of a championship ring, Min. Farrakhan said. Well, you get treated better on some plantations then others, the Minister said.

He listed prominent Jews in the sports industry, who hold positions of power in professional league oversight or as team owners.

The Minister said his point was not to mock or scorn Jews; it was to show that their successful business practices and collective efforts are things Black people should emulate.

The Jews received divine revelation, he said.

“When God reveals truth that was not in the world before, how you use revelation determines who you are. If you use the wisdom of God in accordance with God's will, you are the righteous but if you use the wisdom of God for vain material purposes denying God, then you are the wicked and the chief of wickedness is Satan himself,” said Minister Farrakhan.

Through deception, the reality of the identity of Black people was hidden from the world and through religious indoctrination, falsehood spread and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad delivered a teaching to Min. Farrakhan who is now making these truths known to the world.

“We are the father and mother of all the races on the planet. There is not one that we have not brought into existence,” said Min. Farrakhan. “No one taught this before he (the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad) began teaching this, and today is the vindication of that holy man who walked among us like no Black man has ever walked among us. Today is his day!”

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